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New from Eagle Eye Networks, the cloud video surveillance company, is the Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01, available via its reseller partners. It’s described as a small 4G/LTE camera for use in locations that have difficulty with standard internet access. The company says it’s also making mobile data plans available so that channel partners can provide a complete solution to their customers.

The camera is designed for remote use or temporary installations, indoor and outdoor; or changing sites where standard Internet connectivity is not easily available. The MC01 provides direct camera that records to the cloud, offering the makers say plug and play installation, and person detection analytics. A 2 Megapixel camera, it provides alerts and notifications, and can be viewed from full featured mobile apps.

Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks said: “The Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01 is another step on the path of bringing all the security camera video that customers have and need, into a single secure cloud managed solution.”

The company adds that the MC01 will be fully integrated into the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS platform later this year; until then the new camera operates on a stand alone cloud recording system.

The product offers 3G/4G and Wifi connectivity, 2.8 mm Lens, Wide Angle View (138º), night vision infra-red LED with 10m range, and two-way audio.

Eagle Eye says the MC01 has been used in applications including industrial sites, storage facilities, for crop monitoring, garages, building stairwells, festivals, petrol stations, remote water cleaning facilities, ship locks, and home care. The camera can be used indoors and outdoors on 4G, or on Wifi and 4G combined. When combined, the 4G is used as a back-up to the Wifi connectivity. The product can function with a customer’s mobile data plan or with a data plan available from Eagle Eye.

The camera is derived from the consumer market NuboCam, launched in 2015 that remains available to consumer customers on the NuboCam website. This camera, however, has been upgraded and designed for commercial customers, Eagle Eye says.


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