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Mexican distribution

Grupo GONHER is a company in the Mexican city of Monterrey. The manufacturer of filters – they produce over 700 types – have 36 distribution centres across the country. GONHER sought to ramp up their security surveillance. With Novalan Computers and Networking, VIVOTEK’s local distributor, they have new VIVOTEK cameras.

Expansion throughout Mexico means that monitoring can be a difficulty for GONHER, shich sought a central, real-time monitoring system, for GONHER to know what is going on at all locations at all times, and in real-time. GONHER wanted IP cameras and a central monitoring control centre in corporate offices. A 200Mpbs internet link bandwidth was integrated into the monitoring centre. GONHER can now view in real-time and makes recordings for playback, for security company-wide.

A total of 85 cameras were fitted. The FD8161 model offers a 2-megapixel sensor feature and bandwidth efficiency. The model can zero in on details such as faces or car number plates, for monitoring foot traffic and vehicles, in open spaces. Multiple simultaneous streams also contribute to its unrivalled surveillance capabilities. The recessed design with cable management gives the camera a clean look, and a three-axis mechanical design lens means the product can be mounted on ceilings and walls. VIVOTEK’s speed dome was installed for outdoor monitoring.

The camera comes with a pan/tilt mechanism for continuous 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt. Lens positioning is controlled via mouse or joystick, and the camera comes with a possible 128 preset positions for patrolling, for tracking objects of interest.

The installation has significantly boosted security at GONHER as 31 distribution centres can now be monitored by a real-time feed. Information recorded on the servers can also be played back, as security support for the sites. GONHER plans to increase the number of cameras in each of the distribution centres.

William Ku, Vice President of VIVOTEK’s International Business Division, said:“By installing VIVOTEK’s cameras, we are glad that Grupo GONHER provides its employees with a secure working environment, especially because of the real-time features connecting the manufacturers’ distribution centers. Our local distributor Novalan Computers and Networking provided sound advice when it came to selection of the models, they chose cameras adapted to Grupo GONHER’s needs, and VIVOTEK came through with the final product. We look forward to working with them again soon!”

Hajdúszoboszló, a small town in Hungary, has been well known for its thermal spring with a healing power since the 1920s. HungaroSpa, in Hajdúszoboszló, offers medical spas, open-air baths, aqua parks, and an aqua-palace.

In January, 2013, the management hired Satrax, an installer in Hungary working with VIVOTEK and VIVOTEK local distributor Alphasonic, to upgrade the surveillance system at HungaroSpa by installing 173 VIVOTEK network cameras.

For the swimming pool (a 50 m by 50 m area), VIVOTEK’s Panoramic PTZ was installed. Incorporating the company’s latest 5-Megapixel fisheye fixed dome network cameras and full HD speed dome network camera, the spa has a 180 degrees panoramic view or 360 degrees surround view without blind spots, making it a suitable for monitoring open areas like the swimming pool and its surrounds. Panoramic PTZ offers wide coverage and can be used to monitor elderly tourists and emergencies.

Other cameras were fitted. Specifically, IP8332 was installed at entrances, outdoor swimming pools, and indoor spa pools because of its day and night function, weather-proof casing, and tamper detection features. IP8335H cameras, which feature an HD WDR CMOS sensor for use in poor lighting, were installed in outdoor swimming pools, which also open at night. IP7361 cameras were installed for outdoor pools, entrances, and spa pools in the block. IP7361 is a 2-megapixel network bullet camera with high resolution and outdoor specific features such as concealed wiring to prevent tampering.

The auto-iris can protect the lens from damage induced by direct sunlight. FD8136 dome cameras were installed for entrances and exits. The FD8136 features a megapixel sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1280×800 at 30 fps. FD8134, a fixed dome network camera designed for indoor security use, were installed in the entrances to indoor dressing room (ceiling is about 2.6 m). IP8131 cameras were installed for the control centre, where two operators monitor the whole scene all time. IP8131 is a compact cube camera designed for indoor use. Activities around the control centre, such as intrusion or vandalism, can be monitored. With supporting VIVOTEK’s iViewer, the smart phone application, operators can monitor live video off-site.

The spa did have several analogue cameras. VIVOTEK’s video server VS8100 was therefore adopted to connect to existed analogue cameras, which the client wished to continue using. VS8100 was used to upgrade analogue into a digital system.

VAST, the central management software, was also fitted. It was designed to support hundreds of cameras and stations in a hierarchical structure of system for monitoring, recording, playback, and event trigger management with ease-of-use and efficient control.

Steve Ma, VIVOTEK’s Executive VP said: “We are proud to present an innovative panoramic PTZ to our clients. The entire surveillance network made possible by the advanced cameras and servers developed by our R&D team will guarantee 100 per cent high-quality images for the spa management. We hope tourists from all around the world will be able to have safe and enjoyable vacations in the VIVOTEK-equipped environment.”



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