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Loss-free recording

With the function “EdgeStorage for Emergency Recording with SmartBackfill”, the German CCTV manufacturer Dallmeier says that it guarantees loss-free recording even in the case of a network failure.

All the company’s current IP cameras are equipped with a RAM. If the network drops out or becomes overloaded, or if the recording system has to be rebooted, this internal storage is used to bridge the period when the network is unavailable without loss of data.

As soon as the network is restored, SmartBackfill means that the recordings stored in the RAM are transmitted to the Smavia appliance. The appliance saves the data, thereby filling the recording gap. Afterwards, the recording of the stream is continued without loss.

If long network outages are to be expected, such as due to maintenance or repair works, the internal memory in the firm’s network cameras can be expanded via the integral interface, SDHC or USB depending on the model. Visit –


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