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Library IP system

A case study of IP CCTV at National Chi Nan University (NCNU), an international university in Nantou, Taiwan. The NCNU library, a building with six floors, offers quiet spaces for students and staff members to study and work between 8am and 9pm.

The library’s previous analogue CCTV system was based on conventional digital video recorders. In such systems, point-to-point transmission is limited between cameras and video players or recorders. Hence, centralised image management was difficult to achieve. Also, the image definition yielded by analogue cameras is unsatisfactory. Theus NCNU management decided to replace the analogue system with an IP camera system, adopting central management software (CMS) to do central image management.

Zero One Technology Co., Ltd., VIVOTEK’s distributor in Taiwan, provided a VIVOTEK IP products for the library. A total of 36 cameras were installed indoors: 12 each of the FD8135H, IP8151, and CC8130 models. Specifically, the 12 FD8135Hs, with WDR Pro technology for coping with challenging lighting, were installed in the hallways leading to the toilets in the building, one on either end of all six floors of the library. These hallways are relatively less used, raising concerns for reader security. Furthermore, the bathrooms are next to escape ladders, accessible to all. Thus, CCTV cameras were installed to monitor these areas and ensure user safety. The Taiwanese CCTV manufacturers report that their IP8151s are able to capture exceptional details during daytime. The cameras were installed to monitor book circulation desks to reduce disputes over book circulation. Previously, when readers borrowed or returned books at the desks, the surveillance cameras were unable to capture well-defined images that would enable the staff to obtain detailed information, such as the number of books borrowed or returned. Hence, disputes may arise. After the installation of the IP cameras, high-definition images showing details including the number of books returned or borrowed are obtainable, so decreasing the possibility of disputes. Also, CC8130s, designed as compact cube camera with panoramic view, were installed in the hallway racks to obtain 180 degree horizontal images of the inside of the library. These images have enabled the staff to monitor all areas of the building at all hours of a day.

Mr Chen-Chieh Liao in the NCNU library said: “Although replacing all analog cameras with IP cameras required redeploying the Internet cable network, we believe the installation will yield numerous benefits.” Before adopting the IP camera system developed by VIVOTEK INC., the NCNU management had conducted tests to evaluate the performance of the cameras. The test results showed the cameras offered panoramic views and high definition.

“After installing and using the system, we found in addition to the superior images provided by VIVOTEK cameras, the performance of the system is stable and reliable. We will be happy to continue using VIVOTEK IP cameras if we have other projects in the future.”

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