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Laser focus for PTZ cameras

Conventional PTZ cameras may take longer to auto-focus when lighting conditions are challenging such as at dusk or dawn. AXIS Communications report that their Q6155-E PTZ dome network camera, pictured, features a built-in laser that measures the distance between the camera and the object of interest. This allows the camera to focus much faster and to greater accuracy, capturing clear images at all times.

Axis says that the Q6155-E offers much faster and more accurate autofocus even in the most challenging lighting. The new laser focus combined with the image quality that AXIS Q6155-E offers, is the maker say for situations when people or objects need to be identified quickly and precisely.

Kent Fransson, Global Product Manager, Axis Communications, says: “Autofocus is one of the biggest challenges for conventional PTZ cameras today. When the lighting conditions are difficult – such as for example at dusk or dawn – the camera takes longer to autofocus. Our new laser focus technology allows the camera to measure the distance to objects no matter what the lighting conditions are. This measurement is also much more exact and it is taken in an instant. This means the camera is always focusing optimally, providing clear images at all times.”

Some lighting can pose a challenge to the auto-focus feature. Laser focus is a solution to the problem with these conditions, as it finds focus instantly regardless of them. The most common light conditions where auto-focus may have difficulties finding focus are scenes with low light or low contrast, and scenes with point-shaped light sources, such as strong headlights from traffic. A scene may have several point-shaped light sources and low light. Scenes with low-contrast objects, for example, flames or smoke, do not provide the sharp edges and high contrast that auto-focus searches for when trying to focus. A white wall that lacks contrasting edges or objects is another example of a scene with low or non-existing contrast. In darkness, edges do not look as sharp as they would in bright lighting, that is, the contrast is lower. In addition, image noise is proportionally higher in low-light scenes. The noise covers objects and hides their sharp edges, impairing the ability of auto-focus to find focus.

AXIS Q6155-E features Sharpdome, a technology which allows for monitoring of objects as much as 20 degrees above the camera horizon. The camera offers HDTV 1080p resolution and 30x optical zoom. This high-end camera brings sharp images even when weather or lighting are challenging thanks to its laser focus, a new and improved sensor, Axis’ Lightfinder technology and Axis’ Speed Dry function.

The Q6155-E is for city and perimeter surveillance, critical infrastructure, transportation, education, industrial and government installations. Its sleek design, compact size and re-paintable casing allows the camera to blend in with its surroundings. It offers quick and precise pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and high scene fidelity at all angles of view.

The dome is supported by video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) Program and AXIS Camera Station. Third-party video analytics applications can be installed via AXIS Camera Application Platform. ONVIF support allows for integration into existing video surveillance systems.


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