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Installation and servicing software

Vigitron Inc, the Californian manufacturer of networking products for security applications, has released their NeTester installation and servicing software. The NeTester serves two main functions for testing networks; prior to installation, to see if they meet connected device requirements and provide a method for testing and proof of performance. After install, it provides the ability to service networks by locating problems and their causes.

Neil Heller, Vigitron’s Vice President of Business Development, said: “By assessing network performance prior to installation, you can significantly decrease potential design errors while increasing system reliability. Connected devices on any network level can be located and evaluated with click of a button.”

He added that the product offers the ability to provide both installers and their customers with a complete stored record of the installation or service calls as proof of performance. Reports can even include video images. “The NeTester is a Windows based software package that provides a complete and easy to use aspects of network installation and servicing.”

The firm offers a FreeRun NeTester version with a database providing the ability to evaluate the software without the need for networks or device connections. The manufacturer also offers a 30-day evaluation version. For more on NeTester contact Vigitron at

Picture courtesy of Vigitron: the 30210 network switch.


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