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Housing CCTV in the cloud

A cloud-based provider of surveillance software and CCTV, Cloudview, has joined forces with Housing Technology magazine to highlight the merits of harnessing cloud surveillance within the social housing sector in a free report available at

Based on industry comment, the Cloud-Based Surveillance & CCTV in Housing market intelligence report, highlights the potential that cloud-based technologies can offer, against anti-social behaviour and crime. Accessible, cheap to install with the capability to view footage in real time, the benefits can also extend to monitoring physical assets, the firm suggests.

The findings also point to the limitations of the more traditional analogue CCTV systems that have been commonly used by this market. Costly to install, low quality recorded footage and prone to vandalism, the report concludes they are no longer fit for purpose in the era of the Internet of Things, IP-enabled devices, and ubiquitous smartphone and tablet adoption.

George Grant, publisher of Housing Technology, said: “The recent jewellery raid in London’s Hatton Garden illustrates the complete failings of ‘traditional’ CCTV. Cloud-based surveillance would have made it impossible for the thieves to have disabled the CCTV without exposing themselves since all the footage would have been immediately stored in a remote data centre ‘in the cloud’, as well as making the imagery available to the Police within minutes rather than almost a week after the incident.”

The report includes commentary from Accent Group, Vision-On Systems, Visitor-Aware and OpenSky, all on the impact of the cloud and the Internet of Things regarding personal and public surveillance.

James Wickes, CEO of Cloudview, said: “Among the issues affecting housing providers, anti-social behaviour, crime and security are recurring themes. The ability to upgrade existing CCTV or install new systems or cameras that combine value for money with easy access to footage via the internet, means that housing providers can respond faster, more cost effectively to any incidents.”


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