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Encrypted file sharing service

Tresorit has launched its end-to-end encrypted file sharing service, Tresorit SEND. The stand-alone file sharing service allows for the sending of files, up to 5GB, without registration.

The firm says that the main problem with email attachments is that once they are sent, you lose control over the attached files. You don’t know whether the file was opened by the recipient and you can’t revoke the file if you see you sent it to the wrong email address. As Tresorit adds, sending an email to the wrong recipient can have consequences in business. In the pharma, healthcare, legal and financial sectors, files containing sensitive client data, trade secrets or intellectual property, if shared with the wrong person, can aid competitors or lead to fines under data protection regulations such as the GDPR.

Tresorit Send guarantees the confidentiality of business files from the moment they are sent until they reach the recipient’s device. Access to the link can be revoked at any time. The link can be optionally password protected.

Tresorit Send offers notification when somebody opens the shared link. Transfers are available for seven days or up until ten downloads, with upload limit of maximum 100 files up to 5 GB. Availability is from the browser without registration or from the Chrome Extension. Try it at

Tresorit were among the exhibitors at the first Security TWENTY event of 2019, at the Birmingham NEC Hilton Metropole last week; pictured left to right are Maria Kontogeorgaki, customer success manager, and Tim Newton, UK MD exhibiting at ST18 Harrogate last July.


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