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Dual sensor day-night camera

Arecont Vision, the US IP megapixel camera company, introduced its MegaVideo compact dual sensor day-night camera at IFSEC 2014. The camera combines a colour 3-megapixel (MP) image sensor with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and a monochrome 1.2MP image sensor. The dual sensor configuration captures detailed images in changing lighting by switching from colour WDR to monochrome imaging when light levels fall below a specified threshold, or by streaming images from both sensors at once.

Raul Calderon, Senior Vice President, Arecont Vision, said: “Our MegaVideo Compact Dual Sensor Day/Night camera solves the longstanding challenge of providing continuous high-quality surveillance in changing lighting conditions. By combining the benefits of WDR technology during daylight hours with superior nighttime sensitivity, our MegaVideo Compact Dual Sensor camera offers an extremely cost-effective, high-performance surveillance solution in a very small package.”

Arecont Vision adds that its WDR delivers a dynamic range of up to 100dB at full resolution without lowering frame rates. By combining long and short exposures in the same field of view, WDR maximises the amount of detail in both bright and dark areas of a scene. The day-night camera features dual H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) and MJPEG encoders, fast frame rates, up-scaling of the 1.2MP monochrome sensor to 3MP to support video management systems (VMS), bit rate control, multi-streaming, forensic zooming and PoE. Visit


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