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Two new GSCSpeedView units from Geutebruck are evaluation and display computers for the German manufacturer’s GeViScope, re_porter and G-Scope/1000 products. Also used as set-up computers, they can provide display feeds for up to four DVI-D or VGA monitors. All image characteristics are freely definable irrespective of whether these come from live streams, alarms or recordings. Both models support Geutebruck’s dynamic live streaming (DLS) function which the makers say significantly reduces the data volumes transmitted and processed.

The GSCSpeedView-AP is a processing model with every component, from the processor to the hard disk, selected for highest possible system performance, it is claimed. Applications include those requiring the smooth replay of H.264 streams. This model comes with a 4x graphics card built in, making it suitable for use as a digital matrix outlet. The standard ‘ST’ model can also be used for the same purpose if an optional multi-monitor graphics card is added.

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