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Developers’ Plugfest

ONVIF, the US-based standardisation body for IP-based physical security products, hosted its 15th ONVIF Developers’ Plugfest (ODP) in November, in Taipei, the Taiwanese capital, at the Fullon Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf in the city’s Tamsui District. With multiple testings of ONVIF conformant products, the Developers’ Plugfest included interoperability testing for five ONVIF profiles, including the newly released Profile Q and ONVIF’s video profile, in development.

Engineers and developers from ONVIF member companies gathered at the members-only event to test their uses of ONVIF Profile Specifications with other ONVIF Profile-conformant products. In addition to Profile interoperability tests, all ONVIF clients had one hour of testing using ONVIF’s Device/Client Test Tool and were offered the opportunity to discuss with Test Tool developers any issues during conformance testing.

Steven Dillingham, Chairman of ONVIF’s Technical Services Committee Taskforce, Developers‘ Plugfest, said: “The ONVIF Developers’ Plugfest provides real-world, in person practical testing for our members before they release their ONVIF-conformant products in the market. In many ways, testing a product at an ODP is one of the last steps in the process of developing and designing new technologies and prepping them for entrance into the marketplace. It is an important step in the conformance process and also presents developers and engineers from member companies with the chance to socialize and network.”

The Taipei Plugfest drew 42 technical people from 15 companies. Attendees logged 136 hours of testing time at the three-day event, with five of ONVIF’s profiles tested for interoperability, including Profile Q for out-of-the-box interoperability, Profile S for IP-based video systems, Profile C for IP-based access control and Profile G for edge storage and retrieval. Some developers also tested for interoperability using Profile T for video, ONVIF’s newest profile that is currently in development.

The Plugfest also included a plenary meeting of the ONVIF Developers’ Plugfest Task Force, which announced that ONVIF’s 16th Developers’ Plugfest is scheduled for May 10 to 12, 2017, in Montreal, hosted by Canadian company Genetec.


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