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Data cable testing app

IDEAL Networks, a data cable and network testing product firm, have launched a new mobile app, IDEAL AnyWARE. It allows users to send their test reports to colleagues and clients anywhere.

The app connects to your IDEAL cable or network tester using Wi-Fi and transfers test reports to your mobile device. Once data is transferred, users can view the PDF reports and send them using their preferred file sharing method including email or file sharing app. Cable installers and IT technicians can share test reports with project managers, meaning the makers say more on-time job completions and reduced costs.

The app is not a cloud service and IDEAL cannot access or view the test reports. For security, the data remains in the user’s control at all times.

The hassle of connecting to local Wi-Fi is eliminated, because the IDEAL testers serve as Wi-Fi hotspots. The PDF reports are generated automatically saving time as no PC software is required.

Dan Payerle, Business Unit Manager for IDEAL Networks, says: “IDEAL AnyWARE completely changes the face of cable testing. This solution allows technicians to transmit test reports from the field without having to drive back to an office to handover physical media or connect to a PC which many technicians don’t carry with them in the field. Even if they do, most do not have mobile hotspots, so they can’t send the data unless they go to a place with Internet access. Once test results are on the mobile device, they can view, email, or upload them for sharing with all stakeholders in the project.”

The first tester to be compatible with the IDEAL AnyWARE app will be the new SignalTEK NT, copper and fibre network transmission tester, pictured. Visit

About IDEAL Networks

The company offers data cable testers for cable installers and network testers to assist IT technicians with troubleshooting. The data cable tester range includes copper and fibre testers for cable verification, Ethernet transmission testing and cable certification.


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