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Consulting first year

Auriga Consulting Ltd (ACL) announces a million pound turnover in the first full year of trading. The data security consultancy is a privately-held company, and has completed numerous projects across the public and private sector during the first financial year.

Launched in 2012, ACL went on to acquire Data Barrier Ltd, and offers ISO-To-Go, a fixed price service aimed at organisations with up to 100 seats on a single site.

The company’s three founders are Louise T. Dunne (Managing Director), Jamal Elmellas (Technical Director) and Paul Boam (Operations Director) bringing over 45 years of industry experience to the company.

Louise T Dunne, Managing Director, ACL, said: “ACL has bucked the economic downturn and has demonstrated that a start-up can flourish in this market with sufficient tenacity and vision. We’re the antidote in a market that has become apathetic about security. As a director, I myself have to be cautious and informed when projecting cost. I certainly want to see return on my investments. Why should the security industry be any different? Our clients are tired of investing in blanket insurance policies. We make sure we can answer the questions others avoid. We’re not interested in the ‘what if’s’ we’re interested in understanding the client, understanding their vulnerabilities, the value of their data and how it flows throughout the business and then we pragmatically, appropriately and proportionately embed security and assurance.

“Security can be used as an enabler if it is approached in the right way and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve processes, minimise disruption and promote security solutions that enhance. Clients know that we have both the expertise and the flexibility to respond more dynamically to security issues, making us the consultancy of choice. We intend to shake-up the sector as we think that’s long overdue.”

About Auriga Consulting

Auriga Consulting Ltd (ACL) is a consultancy specialising in Data Management, Information Assurance, Corporate Governance, Business Process Modelling, Analysis and Security. To find out more, go to


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