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CCTV for Positive Steps

Oldham-based Positive Steps is a registered charity that provides career guidance to young adults in the north west. It’s gone from analogue to network CCTV, using Axis Communications products. Atul Rajput, regional director, northern Europe at Axis, said: “The business moved into previous commercial premises in the town centre that were last refurbished in the 1970s and inherited the outmoded the analogue CCTV system that didn’t provide the level of coverage needed to ensure the safety and security of its data, its staff and the general public. Together with our partner, NW Systems Group, we presented Positive Steps with a range of options that not only represented the most suitable solutions, based on its requirements, but also took into account the obvious budgetary constraints of a not-for-profit organisation.”

Paul Wooding, information systems manager at Positive Steps added: “We work in what can be a challenging environment, so we really needed an effective surveillance system that could provide us with more coverage across the site, both internally and externally. We were conscious that our employees and the general public needed to be further reassured that their safety was a priority.”

Positive Steps decided that an overall systems replacement was the most efficient and cost-effective solution in the long-term. Working with NW Systems Group, who installed the system, Axis created a bespoke surveillance solution that comprised 14 Axis cameras. Internally, the discreet AXIS M32 network camera provides excellent image quality, powered over ethernet. Externally, AXIS P3364-LVE and AXIS P1354-E Network Cameras are vandal-resistant while ensuring high performance. All the outdoor cameras featured Axis’ innovative ‘Lightfinder’ technology meaning that they were extremely sensitive even in near-dark conditions.

Paul added: “The previous system was designed for an office environment with significantly less members of the public entering the building. As such, there weren’t enough cameras and blind spots were common. In addition, the building and its perimeter were not actively monitored and when footage was needed it was often too difficult to locate and download. In contrast, with the new Axis-based system, the team can now access images in a much more straightforward way and the HDTV quality of these images means that recognition of those involved in an incident is far more likely.”

The Axis cameras provide blanket coverage of Positive Steps’ building and surrounding area. The cameras’ built-in intelligent movement recording ensures that the server is not overloaded with continual footage and only records when the cameras detect movement which has significant energy-saving benefits. Axis’ Lightfinder software also means that any incidents outside of the working day are much more likely to be recorded and thus can be used for further investigations. The system also has the ability to continually operate during a power outage. “When I was first shown the Lightfinder technology it was mind-blowing. The images are amazing – light years ahead of our previous system,” added Paul.

Atul added: “The Axis system provides Positive Steps with a reliable, high-quality, advanced surveillance set-up that can be accessed and monitored 24×7 both on and off-site. Staff at this public-facing organisation now have a safe and secure environment for their team and the customers using the on-site services. This project demonstrates how we can work with our partners to deliver the prefect surveillance solution for any business, regardless of its size or budget. The system that we delivered in conjunction with NW Systems Group will be extremely beneficial for Positive Steps and will not only provide a state-of-the-art security system but also a platform for them to build and expand upon in the future.”

Keith Bardsley, sales manager at NW Systems added: “We regularly recommend Axis cameras as we can be confident of both the quality of the images and their reliability. We have developed a strong relationship with Axis and we find the support excellent during and after installations. They understand that every installation is different so will do everything to help us to develop bespoke solutions for our clients.”



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