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CCTV admin interconnected

The new release by IP video software company Milestone Systems is XProtect Corporate 2013 R2. With this version, more products can be interconnected with XProtect Corporate.

With support for an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites, the Danish makers say that the software offers a centralised, single-management interface for CCTV administration including all connected devices, regardless of the size or distribution of the sites. Milestone has included XProtect Expert, Milestone Arcus and Milestone Husky appliances to the products that can be connected to XProtect Corporate using Milestone Interconnect.

A user can detect incidents and remotely monitor interconnected sites from one central system; hence reduced operational costs and less need for on-site visits, the firm says.

Bjorn Eilertsen, VP Corporate Business at Milestone Systems, says: “Covering the full Milestone XProtect product line, the new Milestone Husky NVR series, plus appliances and cameras embedded with Milestone Arcus software, Milestone Interconnect offers ultimate flexibility in matching any need for functionality, system form factor or budget This will allow customers to truly grow with our solutions. Those who initially have installed isolated XProtect VMS or NVR point solutions, or even embedded Milestone Arcus systems from any of our Milestone Arcus technology partners, now can interlink them by adding an operational overlay based on Milestone Interconnect and a central XProtect Corporate system.”

Use of Milestone Federated Architecture is now provided free. This means that customers building federated systems with Milestone’s top range products XProtect Corporate and XProtect Expert can do so without the need to buy extra licenses.

XProtect Corporate 2013 R2 is bundled with a new release of XProtect Smart Wall which gives manual or rule-based display of any camera in a distributed set-up. This includes integrated and interactive multi-layered maps, as well as a consolidated Alarm Manager for overview and response.

XProtect Corporate 2013 R2 is packaged with new versions of three user interfaces, available in 26 languages: XProtect Smart Client 2013 R2, XProtect Web Client 2013 R2, and Milestone Mobile 2013 R2. In addition to the support for iOS and Android devices, Milestone Mobile now introduces support for devices running the Windows Phone 8 operating system. For more information, visit:


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