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Audio and I/O interface

Axis Communications is announcing AXIS T61 Audio and I/O Interface Series. The network video product company says these products are for the best placement of both the network camera and the audio. According to Axis, this reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) of their cameras and delivers greater lifetime value.

Connected between the camera and the switch, the new T61 Series units use portcast, a feature that allows for audio and I/O to be transferred digitally over the network cable between the camera and the interface. T6101 and T6112 Audio and I/O Interface will seamlessly bring audio and I/O to a number of Axis cameras that do not have these already built-in.

With the camera being separate from the audio and I/O interface, customers can place both in ideal positions: for instance, a discreet location for a small camera, with audio capture closer to the point of interest. In adding support for two-way audio, customers can listen in to transactions or incidents, for example, or communicate warnings to intruders. Audio analytics, such as aggression detection, will also be supported.

As for I/O, external sensors and detectors can be connected to input ports to trigger alarms or actions, and an alarm can also be sent if connections are cut. External devices such as relays can be connected to output ports to activate lights, and lock or unlock doors. Coming in a discreet casing ready to be mounted on wall or ceiling, AXIS T6112 also includes a built-in microphone.

Jerom Lemke, Global Product Manager at Axis Communications, said: “Audio and I/O capabilities bring significant value to a video surveillance system, and adding this through AXIS T61 Series gives ultimate flexibility. Our unique feature, portcast, delivers audio and I/O benefits in an elegant, simple and cost-effective way, and we expect to see it available across a growing range of Axis cameras over the coming months, in addition to those already compatible.”

The T61 Series allows audio and I/O to be added only to those cameras where it is needed, without requiring more IP addresses or video management software (VMS) licenses, while video and audio are delivered through a single stream. Users only need to make sure that a camera’s firmware supports portcast, and then the camera will act as if audio and I/O were built-in.

T61 Series features:

• Adding audio and I/O support to Axis cameras without this functionality built-in
• No need for additional IP address or VMS license thanks to portcast technology
• Power over Ethernet for AXIS T61 interface as well as camera

T6101 specific features:

• I/O ports: two configurable supervised inputs or digital outputs
• Audio line in and out, 3.5 mm connectors

T6112 Audio & I/O Interface (pictured) specific features:

• I/O ports: two configurable supervised inputs or digital outputs
• Built-in microphone
• Audio out, 3.5 mm connector
• Discreet casing

AXIS T61 Audio and I/O Interface Series will be available through Axis distribution channels.


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