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Integrated Systems

VMS analytics

Digifort has announced that its video management software (VMS) and analytics now integrates with equipment from more than 60 CCTV manufacturers. The integrated brands include HikVision to Avigilon and Axis Communications. Each manufacturer has fixed camera and fully functional PTZ ranges, giving more than 6,000 integrated cameras in total. A number of video servers, NVRs and DVRs are also integrated.

Francois Levy, Digifort Business Development Director for EMEA, says: “Digifort has made it a priority to enable SDK integration with over 100 manufacturers’ cameras. We offer generic ONVIF integration, like other leading VMS platforms, but only the SDK-level integration allows the in-depth functionality we prefer. Typical functionality includes telemetry control, auto-focus zoom, presets, patrols, privacy zones and auxiliary functions such as lights and wipers. However, unlike most other VMS suppliers, we also enable edge recording, edge analytics and edge ALPR from within Digifort’s VMS, if supported in the cameras. This maximizes the potential and performance of an integrated Digifort system.

“Multiple video stream processing, with optimized resolutions for recording and viewing devices, is standard. Many camera features can be remotely configured from the VMS using the global ‘push’ command functionality for simultaneous, multi-camera set-up. This is ideal for large-scale system management. Also, Digifort’s unique two-way audio functionality, if supported by the camera, includes a ‘listening’ feature, where noise above a designated threshold can be used to trigger an alarm, such as from an intruder. Alternatively, an alarm can be raised if an otherwise noisy site becomes quiet, such as for production line and process monitoring.”

Many manufacturers’ DVRs are also integrated with Digifort. This is to allow the encoding of analogue and TVI cameras into the IP-based VMS platform. This integration is the developers say for systems migrating to IP or where analogue cable infrastructures must be re-used. Digifort’s other video analytic functions include traffic management (speed filter), object tracking, loitering, virtual fence, missing object, abandoned object, face detection and recognition, vehicle counting and people counting.

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