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Video management release

Tyco Security Products has released exacqVision 7.8 video management system (VMS) software. That increases local client video performance on all exacqVision network video recorders (NVR) and client workstations, the developers say.

exacqVision version 7.8 VMS software also includes new direct archive search, camera connection diagnostics, hard disk drive serviceability, faster searching in Exacq mobile and license management across all exacqVision servers in Enterprise System Manager (ESM), and health monitoring for use with exacqVision Enterprise network video recorders (NVRs).

With version 7.8, the exacqVision client provides faster access to video and better bandwidth management, it is claimed. exacqVision users closer to the archive location on the network can search video on the archive without routing data through the recorder. In the transport sector, operators can search video through the archive using exacqVision Edge+ VMS software, even when a bus or vehicle is away. exacqVision Edge+ runs on an edge device like an IP camera without the need for an NVR or separate server.

To simplify camera connections, 7.8 introduces camera connection diagnostics to assist installers with establishing correct IP and port paths between the recorder software and camera. The new diagnostics provide guidance and detail to reduce trouble-shooting time.

For exacqVision recorders, 7.8 will automatically run periodic hard drive health checks to notify users when a recorder hard drive may fail to streamline hardware repair and minimise downtime.

The newly redesigned web service configuration page shows administrators a performance dashboard of consumable statistics on the number of connected users, CPU and memory usage and number of streams being viewed. A guided checklist ensures administrators have connectivity with the internet and the web service is accessible to mobile users.

exacqVision VMS now supports nearly 3000 IP camera models including cameras from Illustra, Axis Communications, Arecont Vision, Panasonic and other leading IP camera manufacturers.

The exacqVision VMS is accessed with the freely distributed exacqVision client software (Windows/Linux/Mac), the exacqVision free web browser client available for web browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, plus the free Exacq mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices. The VMS software is included with pre-configured exacqVision NVR servers or it can be installed on third-party Windows or Linux-based systems.



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