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Video analytics additions

Eagle Eye Networks, the US-based, cloud-based video surveillance company, has added to the video analytics offered within the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management software). Users can activate analytics on their cameras without having to install extra hardware or software. No on-site technicians or system upgrades are needed to receive analytic alerts and data.

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS users can set up analytics from the dashboard for any camera in their account. Eagle Eye Analytics will function on any camera that is supported by the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS – no analytic functions of the camera are required. The analytics will even operate with analogue cameras.

The analytics available:

Line Crossing – detects when an object crosses a virtual line. Direction may be specified, and notifications may be generated. It is useful the developers say for receiving notifications when a security boundary (fence, restricted area, and one-way road) is crossed; and for monitoring building entrances, loading docks, and parking lots.

Intrusion Detection – Detects when an object enters a customer defined area. Intrusion detection is used to generate a notification when an object enters that forbidden area.

Object Counting – Counts how many objects cross a line in either direction. This can be used for counting cars, people, or other objects. Total count per day, per direction, and current delta of the count are maintained and displayed.

Loitering – Monitors a defined area and triggers an alert if an object lingers longer than the pre-configured dwell time.

In the enhanced Eagle Eye analytics experience, customers are able to track and view up to 25 analytic events in Eagle Eye’s intuitive Gallery Viewer. The Eagle Eye Gallery Viewer is a tool for finding video of interest and viewing active motion and analytic events. The VMS can generate customised period graphs of the enhanced data from five minutes to seven days.

Eagle Eye Analytics can be enabled within the Eagle Eye Dashboard on a camera-by-camera basis.


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