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Integrated Systems

Turnkey appliance

Genetec, the Canadian IP security product company, has begun shipping the new version of its Turnkey Network Security Appliance, the SV-32 v2, pictured. The firm describes it as a turnkey solution that enables users to deploy a unified or standalone IP-analogue video and access control system while maintaining their existing analogue equipment.

With built-in analogue encoder cards, the SV-32 v2 offers a way to integrate legacy analogue cameras as part of an IP transition plan. Pre-installed with the Genetec Security Center software, the
v2 appliance allows for the consolidation of multiple remote sites within a single security environment, while supporting a range of future-proof IP cameras and door controllers to suit various deployments, the company says.

It’s suited the firm says for sites that have already made investments in analogue cameras such as banking and retail. The SV-32 v2 can support up to 32 analogue or IP cameras and 100 access control readers on each unit.

The product doubles as a client workstation, providing a unified view of video and access control events locally on up to two monitors. Operators can verify cardholder pictures against live or recorded video associated to access control events for doors within the system, and automatically trigger alarms based on video and access control events.

Using the Security Center Mobile application, v2 users can view their system and receive real-time alarms on their Android, Apple and Windows Phone devices. Security users can view live and recorded video, control PTZ cameras, lock and unlock doors, and receive real time alarms and access control events.


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