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Integrated Systems

Traka works with C-CURE 9000

Traka, the key management product company, can now integrate its systems with the Software House C•CURE 9000 security and event management system.

The integration provides all the functionality of the Traka32 software, which can be managed through the C•CURE 9000, allowing physical and logical security to work together by combining core access control with a variety of key and asset management solutions.

C▪CURE 9000 provides security and event management via an intuitive user interface, with navigation and tree structures. A practical application layout editor lets users drag and drop any application onto one screen and creates a customised hub for all activities via a single ‘command and control’. C•CURE 9000 can now work with the Traka32 software and can incorporate key and device management into a wider access system. The benefits include the ability to give groups access to selected keys only, controlled automatically by time and day.

Traka32’s curfew functionality ensures keys are checked out or returned in specific, defined time increments and fault logging can show a problem that occurred during an asset’s use and assures that faulty items are automatically locked-in until fixed. In addition, expensive assets such as PDAs, iPads or laptops can be audited and monitored. The information is delivered straight to the C•CURE 9000 system, creating improved visibility and better control over expensive items.

“The integration between Traka and C•CURE 9000 creates a holistic access control solution that incorporates key and asset management,” said Brenda Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director for Traka. “This partnership will make managing physical assets and keys as easy as managing automated access technology.”

Brenda Taylor added: “Traka work alongside many software developers to ensure a seamless security solution that makes key and device usage much more visible, and easier to control. C•CURE 9000 is a great example of a system that makes administrating and managing security simple but as comprehensive as possible. The integration of Traka technology furthers its functionality by enabling it to manage keys and other assets”

And Cheryl Shea, Sr. Product Manager for the Software House Connected Program, said: “The Traka32 software closes the security gap that can be created if there is not an efficient key management system in place. Our customers can now automatically audit and monitor who is responsible for any given access point that is controlled by a physical key.”


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