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Thermal temperature monitoring

Thermal temperature monitoring has been fitted in the reception area of Amcor Flexibles Winterbourne, among measures the company has in place to protect its staff from COVID-19.

As a manufacturer of pharmaceutical and medical packaging, Amcor’s UK workforce was designated as key workers in the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence the need to remain open for business and working at full capacity during lockdown. And hence temperature monitoring to detect elevated temperatures of anyone entering the main reception, without putting reception staff in danger. While a raised temperature is not necessarily an indication of illness, and many with the COVID-19 virus are asymptomatic, monitoring temperatures of people arriving on site is one extra measure to help protect against spread of the virus, the firm says.

STANLEY Security provided Amcor with the temperature monitoring; a wall mounted hybrid thermal network camera, a blackbody calibration device, and a network recorder (NVR). The contactless, non-invasive system is able to monitor temperatures within large groups at a distance, reducing manpower requirements and making for personnel safety.

The blackbody device provides a constant reference temperature in view of the thermal camera, for accurate temperature monitoring during continuous operation. This prevents changes in the ambient temperature – such as air conditioning – from affecting system accuracy. When a person with an elevated temperature is detected, an alert is raised for reception staff during office hours or security staff out of hours to act on. Amcor has a policy for dealing with this, depending on the nature of the visitor.

Amcor’s Operations Manager, Shaun Golding, says: “So far we’ve only had one person who was detected with an elevated temperature and was sent for a test. But that single person could have come into contact with five or six people during the course of their working day. By having this Temperature Monitoring Solution in place, we prevented that from happening, further reducing the risk.

“STANLEY Security installed the system in less than a day, without any disruption to our business” continues Shaun. “The services they have provided us has been really good and I would recommend them.”

STANLEY adds that it was familiar with the Amcor site at Bradley Stoke, outside Bristol, having installed CCTV and access control systems there. Visit


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