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Integrated Systems

Switch mode range of power supplies

The electronic security product distributor Norbain can now offer customers the new 12V dc / 24V dc ‘selectable’ switch mode range of power supplies from Elmdene. The range has been designed for access control, CCTV and general purpose applications that require the use of a standby battery, the firms say.

Being ‘switchable’ allows the installer to simply select the output voltage to 13.8V dc or 27.6V dc when installing the PSU by operating a PCB switch. When in ‘12V Mode’ it will charge a single 12V battery, and when in ‘24V Mode’ it will charge two in series. Offering both 12V and 24V dc minimises stock for the installer whilst covering power for a range of applications. The models are available in three power variants:

13.8V dc 8A / 27.6V dc 4A G1224-84 Range
13.8V dc 6A / 27.6V dc 3A G1224-63 Range
13.8V dc 4A / 27.6V dc 2A G1224-42 Range

All models possess a mains fail relay output and an independent ancillary relay that can be used for applications such as a fire door release.

Features include:

Switchable 13.8V / 27.6V dc output available in three power variants
Energy efficient switch-mode technology (reduces running costs, extends lifespan)
Mains fail relay output
Independent ancillary relay; and
three year manufacturer’s warranty.


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