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PetaBlok is a video management and storage product for applications which generate extremely large amounts of data, says the Video Management Software (VMS) company Wavestore. It says that PetaBlok is designed to provide a solution for video surveillance projects which require multi-megapixel images captured by high numbers of cameras to be stored over long periods of time, with fast search and video recall.

Julian Inman, Head of Product Management for Wavestore said: “PetaBlok is ideal for projects such as those in the Middle East, where it is commonplace to store recorded video for up to 120 days due to legal compliance. However, it will also offer a highly effective option around the world for large-scale applications such as airports and ports, city surveillance, utilities and other mission-critical sites where long-retention times, or the recording of many storage hungry, high resolution cameras, is required.

“These may be located across multiple sites and yet all controlled and managed from a central control room. Up to 255 PetaBloks can be grouped together to provide a massive 520.2 PetaBytes of storage potential and with Wavestore’s VMS onboard, this truly offers a complete video management solution for projects of any size. Furthermore, system designers can mix-and-match PetaBlok with other Wavestore NVRs and HVRs across an end-user’s entire estate to create the perfect seamless solution.”

PetaBlok is available in various sizes from 48 HDD bays (480TB) taking up 8U of space, to 204 HDD bays (2.04PB) accommodated within 16U. This enables each PetaBlok to store images captured by over 235 4K resolution cameras in real time, for 120 days. As for storage options, which can be expanded as the overall system grows, one option is to add failover to provide robustness and reliability, whilst negating any single point of failure.

The resilience offered by Wavestore’s proprietary HyperRAID suite means that the risk of data loss due to hard drive failure, can be reduced to almost zero, according to the firm. By taking the redundancy offered by conventional RAID solutions to a higher level, HyperRAID delivers peace of mind for applications where the safe storage of data and video evidence is crucial, it is claimed.

Wavestore claims that its HyperRAID architecture performs much faster than traditional RAID methods and provides up to N+2 redundancy (RAID 5 or RAID 6), or with ‘HyperRAID Plus’, up to an industry leading N+5 redundancy. Wavestore’s EcoStore is able to increase the sustainability of a video surveillance solution as it facilitates the spin-down of hard drives which are not in a read/write state, the company adds. EcoStore can save over 80pc it is claimed of overall hard drive energy normally required for a storage solution, as well as offering savings in associated costs, such as reductions in air conditioning and wear and tear on disks from always being powered on and spinning. It works by sequentially writing to ‘groups’ of drives, which could be a single drive, multiple drives or multiple HyperRAID arrays up to N+5. Once each group is filled up, the next group is ready to take over recording and the first group is spun down.

The archived video from a spun-down group can be viewed thanks to the index of where that video and metadata is stored and always available in the spun-up group. An operator can review footage via the WaveView and WaveView Mobile client software, regardless of where that footage is stored.

Each PetaBlok is available with these high-density storage options:

48 Bay 8U Up to 480TB storage;
84 Bay 8U Up to 840TB storage;
108 Bay 12U Up to 1.08PB storage;
144 Bay 12U Up to 1.44PB storage;
168 Bay 16U Up to 1.68PB storage; and
204 Bay 16U Up to 2.04PB storage.


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