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Integrated Systems

Storage integration

AMG Systems, the Bedfordshire-based manufacturer of Megapixel cameras and CCTV transmission products has integrated their AMG-Panogenics’ 5-megapixel 360 degree PanoCam360 cameras with Veracity’s COLDSTORE surveillance storage product.

Alastair McLeod, pictured, Group CEO for Veracity, said: “I am happy that AMG see the value in developing support for Veracity’s direct-to-storage system architecture. The new architecture, which we call TRINITY, exploits the power of modern IP cameras, such as the PanoCam360, enabling it to record directly to our COLDSTORE surveillance storage system. This allows for the deployment of small to large-scale surveillance systems without the need for NVR servers. The solution is especially well suited for applications which require a very cost-effective solution providing high storage capacity per camera.”

And Sara Bullock, Business Development Director, AMG Group, said: “I am delighted to announce this technology partnership with Veracity. The requirement for storing video footage is steadily increasing, partly because of the number of cameras being deployed and partly because there is an increasing demand to store footage longer. COLDSTORE offers a unique and cost effective solution. The combination of PanoCam360 and the Trinity-COLDSTORE architecture appeals to a wide range of customers as it will help to improve the quality and speed of critical decision making and investigation. Overall, the combined solution will help customer to get the best total cost of ownership with unsurpassed reliability. Veracity’s Coldstore System, when combined with the AMG Panocam360 camera, also provides the perfect stand-alone solution, particularly for small business use and when off-site management is preferred.”

About the firms

Users of COLDSTORE have included in the UK Leeds, Hull and Burnley public space CCTV, and in the United States San Francisco 49’ers and Dallas Cowboys stadia, New York Fire Department and Las Vegas Detention Centre. AMG projects include the UK’s NRTS and the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.


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