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Stainless steel bollards

The people and vehicle access control product company Nortech is now offering stainless steel bollards to house the Nedap ANPR cameras. The SSP-ANPR and SSDP-ANPR stainless steel posts are each designed to house either a Nedap ANPR Access or a Nedap ANPR Access-HD camera in a roadside post/bollard. The SSDP-ANPR is a dual height post that includes integral traffic signals.

The ANPR camera is mounted at the ideal height (585mm to lens) for reading standard number plates. It is contained within the body of the post with no restriction to either the lens or infra-red lighting. Once fitted, the rear of the camera can be accessed via a service panel. It incorporates a 300mm base plate with slotted holes which allow adjustment at install. The traffic signal mounted at the top of the SSDP-ANPR may be controlled from the access controller or barrier logic using 24V control signals for each of the red and green LED clusters.



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