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Integrated Systems

Software edition

New from UTC Fire & Security is the ATS 8600, the Advisor Management Software Starter Edition. It offers integration of various systems, including access control, intruder alarm detection and fire safety. The product offers a single user interface to all devices, for managing and controlling alarms across multiple sites.

Advisor management software supports a range of TruVision digital video recorders and network video recorders from UTC. System operators can have access to live and recorded video, to provide visual verification of events and alarms. Hence operators can focus on one interface to monitor sites, rather than operating multiple separately running systems, making for efficiency in response, besides saving time and money.

The software combines management of control panels with video to resolve an alarm. It also allows configuration of persons requiring access to restricted areas. In case of intrusion detection, the alarm is pin-pointed on the floorplan and a relevant live video stream can be started automatically while lights and doors can be controlled by pressing one button. The presence of intruders is verified by switching to recorded video streams and the log file will keep track of the route followed. Likewise in case of a fire alarm, the location of the alarm will appear on the screen. Activation of a live video stream allows verification of the presence of a fire and if needed, other video streams can be selected from the floor plan. When a fire has been confirmed, doors can be unlocked, sounders activated, and elevators brought to ground level, all while verifying the chain of events with the video.



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