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Smoke detector endorsed

The recently released VESDA-E VEA aspirating smoke detector has received an endorsement from Intrepid Electronic Systems, Inc, a US-based fire, and security provider serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Intrepid is a certified VESDA PRO — an invitation-only group of dealers installing, commissioning, and maintaining Xtralis detection products. Intrepid clients include Google, Novartis, and Pixar Studios.

Kurt Brinkman, Owner of Intrepid Electronics Systems, said: “Intrepid Electronic Systems, Inc, has installed and evaluated the VESDA-E VEA in our Oakland and San Jose offices and performed demonstrations to a number of prestigious corporate customers. After seeing the VESDA in action, they ordered a VEA system for their own evaluation in a riser application to control smoke dampers using VEA addressable sample points,” he added.

“The VESDA-E VEA was simple to install and worked perfectly during customer demonstrations. The key features that stood out to the clients were that the VEA provides end to end system integrity monitoring, integrated blowback to clean sample points and ease of annual testing and maintenance. Access to the sample point was not necessary for regular testing and maintenance. These features overcame any access issues they had for their riser application. I was impressed with the performance of the VEA. The concept of centralized maintenance is great. I can see many applications where uninterrupted servicing is of value to our customers.”

The makers of VESDA-E VEA, Xtralis, say that it’s the only addressable detector in the market that delivers “assured detection” through active sampling, proactive self-supervision and auto-cleaning, with sustained sensitivity for the laser detection chamber. The centralized detection architecture with up to 120 sampling points, coupled with auto supervision and cleaning, lowers servicing time by up to 90pc it is claimed and decreases total cost of ownership, and dealers can multiply their service revenues and margins with the increase in productivity. Visit


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