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Integrated Systems

Smart features 2.0

New from Hikvision is SMART SOLUTION 2.0, which includes ‘Smart’ features across its range of IP cameras, Smart NVRs and video management software, with tailored applications designed to meet the requirements of such vertical markets as retail, banking, hotel and industry.

Keen Yao, International Marketing Director of Hikvision, says: “As the number of sites multiplies, client requirements and expectations vary more than ever, and IP is increasingly accepted as the de facto standard, a new generation of intelligent video systems is needed to address the critical requirements facing all CCTV systems. SMART SOLUTION 2.0 recognizes that users need help to differentiate the real threats from the background noise and ways to efficiently retrieve this information amid the explosion in stored data. SMART SOLUTION 2.0 also recognizes that CCTV surveillance has made the jump from an assurance system to a key driver in many businesses and this convergence of security and productivity is set to accelerate.”

Hikvision’s SMART IP cameras included Smart technologies such as Smart Codec, Smart Detection and Smart Control to modern video surveillance. Now, SMART SOLUTION 2.0 adds to the features with Region Entry/Exit, Object Counting/Removal/Exit, Target Cropping and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition). Region Entry/Exit detects people, vehicles or other objects entering or exiting from a pre-defined virtual region, triggering an alarm which may also generate further actions. The ‘object’ tracking features build upon this to allow users to define an area of interest and count objects entering or leaving, with objects including people and vehicles. In a further refinement, Object left-removal can detect and prompt an alarm if an object is left in or removed from a pre-defined region.

The on-board ANPR analytics further help to detect and recognise a vehicle’s number plate and send ANPR info to a Smart NVR or video management software for access management. It allows users to manage videos and locate each vehicle in a given time, speeding post-event investigation.

As well as the original Smart IP and Smart PTZ ranges, the new cameras include Hikvision’s DarkFighter and LightFighter series, the 6MP Ultra HD series, the 4K IP series, 8MP and 12MP real-time-video Smart IP cameras and the newly-launched 3MP WDR series. Each boasts the full SMART feature set.

According to the Chinese firm, SMART SOLUTION 2.0 offers a complete security platform for users to manage cameras, network recorders, alarm, access control and TV wall devices. For the small to middle-sized project, SMART SOLUTION 2.0 brings Smart IPC and Smart PTZ cameras with their range of Smart NVRs, with Smart Detection, Smart Search, Smart Playback and Smart Backup. Larger projects can complement the Smart cameras with Hikvision’s iVMS-5200 Professional software, which adds analytic features to the Smart Detection, Smart Search, Smart Playback and Smart Backup features found in the Smart NVRs.

Vertical applications
SMART SOLUTION 2.0 is also the makers add a business productivity tool. For example, the Smart Retail system includes POS Management, point of sale and Alarm Control, Heat Mapping Analytics, People Counting Analytics, Demographic Analytics, Multi-stores Management and Convention Rate Analytics to monitor customer flow, preferences and employee performance. Graphic reports are also generated to capture business intelligence.



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