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RISCO Cloud accreditation

RISCO Group, a manufacturer of intruder alarm and security systems, has gained Secured by Design (SbD) accreditation for RISCO Cloud. That’s the company’s software-based service for managing and controlling intruder detection. This follows SbD accreditation for LightSYS 2, RISCO’s intruder alarm panel.

SbD, the national police initiative, accredits products that meet its standards to deter and reduce crime. Based on the Microsoft Azure platform, RISCO Cloud as a cloud-based service allows for self-monitoring for end-users to respond to alerts. And the LightSYS 2 alarm panel is used in residential and commercial settings. It provides a range of secure communication options and the ability to include elements such as video cameras (to give video verification of intrusions) and home automation. Such devices have the potential to further reduce crime with event triggered video clip recording, live video viewing and automatic lighting of a property.

Ian Stones, Head of Sales for RISCO UK, said: “RISCO has long been the trailblazer of crime reduction technologies and is consistently leading innovations to stay one step ahead of the evolving sophistication of many property intrusions. Whether this is developing panels and detectors with increased catch performance to ultra-secure cloud platforms, the goal remains the same as SBD – to design out crime.

“Our full incorporation of SBD principles will provide additional reassurance to installers and end-users alike that a RISCO system is the ultimate enemy of any potential burglar!”

Hazel Goss, Development Officer, SBD, added: “We are delighted to be working with the long-established RISCO Group on their latest range of ever smarter technology products for the residential and commercial marketplaces. Advancements in security technology, such as RISCO’s LightSYS 2, enables householders to use a smartphone app to see live video of their home on demand whilst they are out and about as well as to receive security alerts.

“Police forces everywhere want residents to take whatever steps they can to protect their homes to reduce crime and keep communities safe – and new smart technology is playing a key role in driving the growing demand for security products.”

Pictured left to right are Greg Smith, Field Marketing Manager, RISCO Group and Hazel Goss.


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