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PoE scheme

Intercoax (EMEA), the manufacturer of Ethernet-over-coax and twisted pair video, data and PoE transmission products, has introduced two new schemes.

Intercoax’s Proof of Concept (PoC) scheme is a service that allows customers to confirm equipment performance by on-site evaluation of any combination of Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) products (for coax, UTP or 2 wire cable), before committing to a project specification.

The portable Intercoax 19-inch rack mount PoC demonstration kit includes all that’s required to test any combination of LRE products/applications, using either of two Intercoax kit formats. PoC 1 features 2 LRE managed receiver switches (coax and UTP), and single channel transceivers, whilst PoC 2 features single channel transceivers, for both coax and UTP cable.

Vincent Matthys, CEO of Intercoax EMEA, said: “Demonstrating the power of Intercoax technology in the field is the best way to illustrate the performance advantages of our Ethernet technology. By providing this service, customers can confirm the technical capability of our transmission solutions before they commit to specifying the technology. By demonstrating the products on-site, it’s easy for customers to see why we are industry leaders at providing a simple migration path from analogue systems to IP over existing coax, or UTP cable infrastructure – and all at extended distances up to 2.4km, including PoE for IP end-devices such as IP cameras or VoiP telephones).”

Intercoax adds that its new Project Registration Scheme means system designers can provide customers with what the firm terms the most efficient, economical and high-performance Ethernet solution possible.

Accessed via an on-line form available at, installers and integrators can complete the form to receive support including technical liaison with the Intercoax project design team, and up to 20 per cent discount off project equipment costs.

Vincent Matthys adds: “The combination of our PoC demonstration technology combined with our new Project Registration scheme ensures that Intercoax customers receive the highest-level of local support – right from the initiation of a project through to handover of the system.”



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