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Palm vein recognition

The Hungarian biometrics firm, BioSec Group Ltd reports that it has integrated its biometric authentication product with Honeywell’s WIN-PAK access control system. This integration offers the additional layer of security, of biometrics, the firms say.

The Honeywell WIN-PAK platform has many options from a simple access control system to complex integrated security. This integration brings palm vein recognition. BioSec says that palm vein recognition has many advantages compared to other biometric solutions, since it measures an inner characteristics, the vein structure within the hand. The vein template cannot be stolen, copied or reproduced as in case of other biometrics, which use surface characteristics for personal authentication. Palm vein recognition identifies the vein structure in five million reference points in less than one second, it’s claimed.

BioSec’s biometric authentication solution, the BS LifePass was developed to integrate the security of the palm vein recognition into any system, since it works as a middleware. The BS LifePass can be used for replacing or completing passwords, cards or other external identifiers, according to the client.

BioSec Group CEO, Péter Györgydeák said: “Bringing biometric authentication to the WIN-PAK system enables users to enjoy the highest security level without compromising convenience, regardless of location or user number. In addition, existing infrastructures do not have to be replaced.”

The firm also offers a stadium security product StadiumGuard:



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