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PA and voice evacuation

PAVIRO is a combined public address and voice evacuation system from Bosch. EN54-certified, the product is described as flexible and modular and for small- to medium-sized installations, including office buildings, regional airports, hotels, factories, schools and department stores.

PAVIRO offers the makers Bosch claim flexibility usually found in more expensive systems thanks to system-wide four-channel matrix architecture. Up to four audio signals such as announcements or playback music can simultaneously be distributed to different loudspeaker zones. At the same time, individual announcements in any zone do not interrupt music in the other zones. The optional integration of other audio systems via two of the amplifier’s inputs reduces the total number of required amplifiers, thus lowering the total system cost as well as associated operating costs.

“Basic” and “Expert” configuration modes allow a convenient building of the complete system architecture. The basic mode wizard provides a step-by-step configuration guide, which makes it possible to program a basic system within 30 minutes according to the makers. The Expert mode provides almost unlimited system design flexibility – for optimizing configurations in more complex and challenging applications.

The product offers it’s claimed low power consumption. The combination of dynamic source routing and intelligent amplifier input switching reduces the number of amplifiers required and therefore ensures a lower initial investment. The use of latest class-D amplifiers, as well as intelligent power-management hardware and software, lead to the lowest possible number of batteries needed at purchase, the firm adds. This also reduces operational running costs. At the same time, fewer batteries need to be replaced on a regular basis – leading to a further reduction of future maintenance costs.

PAVIRO will be shipping worldwide in August 2015.


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