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ONVIF milestones

ONVIF, the US-based global standardising body for IP-based physical security products, reports that it has reached nearly 5,000 IP-based physical security products registered as ONVIF compliant. It’s also grown to more than 500 member companies, and has developed its fifth profile specification – Profile A for access control, to the industry for feedback.

Per Björkdahl, Chairman of the ONVIF Steering Committee, said: “End users in the industry and the broader consumer market now expect basic interoperability when they make purchases, and manufacturers are responding by making more interoperable products by using ONVIF’s specifications. We are proud to have reached these milestones in ONVIF’s growth and development and look forward to working with our members and the industry at large to continue to promote interoperability in the market.”

In the last 12 months alone, the number of ONVIF conformant products increased by 1,300, an increase of about 35 percent. Also in the past year, ONVIF reached more than 500 members, a membership that covers six continents.

Profile A

ONVIF’s fifth and newest profile – Profile A for access control, is designed to establish an interface for access control clients and expands the configuration options for ONVIF conformant access control systems. Profile A is available in release candidate status on the ONVIF website.

Neelendra Bhandari, Engineering Leader at ONVIF member company, Honeywell Security, said: “ONVIF’s latest release of the Profile A Release Candidate was designed to meet the market’s evolving need for a more advanced access control profile. This illustrates ONVIF’s commitment to stay attuned to the needs of its members and the industry which is reflected in its ongoing development of new profiles and continued work to promote interoperability.”

Other Profiles

Profile S is for streaming video, Profile G for recording and storage, Profile C for physical access control, Profile Q for installation and security features and Profile A for access control configuration. Visit:


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