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Integrated Systems

Networked, integrated for recycling sustainability

A case study of Warrington-based metal recycling company EMR.

At one of its key UK sites it’s installed network cameras, access control and IP audio products integrated with a hosted software application. It’s for the monitoring of not only the premises, but also onsite operations. This will enable staff to identify improvements in processes and take steps towards achieving EMR’s sustainability goals.

EMR is producing ten million tonnes a year of recycled materials. It approached the network video product manufacturer Axis for such a dual purpose solution, for security across access points and the wider perimeter, while also covering operational processes, including the monitoring of machinery, to identify opportunities to better manage waste.

Roger Hewitt is Head of Security at EMR UK. He said: “With such a substantial operational environment, there is much to consider. We needed a better monitoring status of the site’s security but also, and equally important, greater visibility of every stage of the recycling process. Axis cameras mounted on our weigh bridge, for example, can assist in the calculation of loads.

“Thermal imaging cameras can monitor for excess heat, not just inside the machinery, but also within the piles of metal and material that we have on site, notifying operators if rising temperatures are detected. The image quality of the Axis cameras is excellent and allow us to monitor our entire operation while also ensuring the highest levels of safety.”

In use are an AXIS Network Door Station and a A1601 Network Door Controller to manage entrances and exits, while a network audio system with horn speakers can play pre-recorded alerts triggered in the event of unauthorised access. Cameras at the site perimeter and monitoring operations, include AXIS P5624E domes and an AXIS Q2901-E Temperature Alarm Camera, fitted to detect heat for identifying fire risk. The products are monitored by the AXIS Camera Station video management software.

Axis’ Nick Platt-Higgins, UK Key Account Manager, said: “This is perhaps one of the most all-encompassing solutions we have designed and installed to date. It really provides a real world opportunity to see a significant number of Axis technologies out in the field, using cloud connectivity to provide a comprehensive overview of EMR’s entire operations at this site. EMR’s drive towards a more ethical, waste-free way of operating also matches our own ethos perfectly.”

Roger Hewitt added: “At EMR we realise the importance of operating a sustainable and ethical company with a responsible working culture. I think this is one of the main reasons for our close working relationship with Axis; that shared vision of how to operate in line with social responsibility, and how to try and make things better for everyone.”

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