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Integrated Systems

Monitoring launch

Reliance High-Tech has launched its 720˚ Security offering; the company describes it as a suite of IP services that uses its monitoring centre.

Reliance 720˚ has combined specialist monitoring technologies and IT support to provide customers what the company calls intelligent IP services. These include;

• System Health and Usage Monitoring – live usage and performance monitoring across networked Access and CCTV systems for resilience through a pro-active and condition based maintenance regime.

• Environmental Condition Monitoring – monitors for changes and trends in temperature, moisture, power supply and air quality.

• Hosted Access Control – this includes an on-line card bureau service to manage identities through to complex hosting and storage services.

Terry Sallas, Managing Director of Reliance High-Tech, said: “We have long embraced advances in technology and the growth in networked systems and are now providing innovative services that deliver real value and improved intelligence.”

For details on 720˚ Security go to or e-mail for more information.


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