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Infra-Red LED lighting from Raytec has “exceeded expectations” as part of an IP CCTV system to protect a multi-million dollar residential property in South Australia.

Due to the size of the site in the Unley Park district of Adelaide, stretching over two roadways, wireless Panasonic IP cameras were installed, but lighting was needed to capture images at night; and crucially for the user, with zero light pollution.

The local installer Fort Knox Security who designed and deployed the system recommended VARIO Infra-Red LED lighting from the UK lighting manufacturer Raytec, for invisible illumination which would help deliver CCTV images at night. Jim Wills, CEO of Fort Knox, said: “Raytec is a well known brand in the market, with a reputation for excellent product reliability and the ability to deliver superb image quality. VARIO’s flexibility lent itself perfectly to this application. Its interchangeable lenses allowed us to output multiple illumination angles from one unit, meaning that one generic product could be used to cover difference areas. This was also easy for us to specify, order and install.”

With VARIO’s holographic lens providing even light distribution, the IR lighting allows the camera to capture real time footage of the site with clarity and detail, all at full frame rate and with zero light pollution. The illumination allows remote night time viewing of the site over the network system at any time. Wills added: “The product exceeded expectations and performed very well, with 50m-plus clear vision around the site at night enabling easy identification of anyone entering the property at night.”

The unnamed owner of the property also recognised the energy and cost saving benefits in choosing the LED illuminators. Raytec adds that its illuminators provide a long ten year life, have a low power consumption and low running costs, and require zero maintenance. This has allowed the property owner to make savings compared to other traditional high energy lighting. Wills said: “The customer is very happy, so much so that we are currently designing a Raytec lighting scheme on another of their properties.” For more on VARIO CCTV lighting visit


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