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IoT platform for cameras

Security & Safety Things GmbH (S&ST) is due to offer new smart IP security cameras, from a variety of vendors, that use the Security & Safety Things open IoT platform. These cameras will operate using the free S&ST camera operating system, which enables the cameras to run multiple AI-enabled applications in parallel. The apps automate the analysis of video data to produce operational intelligence for business use; such as, the developers say, tools that can aid in re-opening from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hartmut Schaper, chief executive officer, Security & Safety Things, says: “Organisations of all sizes around the world need flexible, easy to deploy solutions that enable compliance with constantly changing pandemic health and safety mandates and provide future value to ramp up and optimise their ongoing business operations.

“Companies can now deploy cameras, running the S&ST OS and using a selection of apps from our Application Store, to detect the absence of facial coverings in a retail environment. Tomorrow, the same camera can help that same retailer to optimise merchandise placement based on store foot traffic, in one store or throughout the enterprise, along with further optimisations.”

Qisda/Topview will be the first camera manufacturer to launch a camera running the S&ST OS in May, followed by AndroVideo, who will also start shipping their S&ST enabled cameras in the summer. Bosch is making their INTEOX camera line available as of July followed by camera firms Vivotek and BSTsecurity who plan to ship in the autumn. The first devices from Hanwha Techwin that run the S&ST OS are expected to be commercially available in the last quarter of the year. Security & Safety Things, Hanwha, Vivotek, Bosch, Qisda/Topview, and AndroVideo are all members of the Open Security and Safety Alliance (OSSA).

The free Security & Safety Things OS is built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It uses the processing and analytic power of IP cameras to increase the amount of operational intelligence that can be mined from traditional IP-based surveillance footage, the developers say.

The applications that can be installed on these cameras, in an on-premise as well as a remote setting, are created by third-party developers and are available through the platform’s open Application Store. It already features more than 50 applications from more than 35 developer partners, with more than 30 other apps expected to reach the store soon. Besides pandemic applications, use cases include detection of weapons, behavioural analysis, payment systems for parking garages, drone threat detection and even identifying objects presented for purchase in a cash register transaction for cashier-free retail.

Security & Safety Things, with some of its camera and system integration partners are already running projects in a live setting. These projects use, for example, heat mapping and queue analysis in retail stores and automated payment processing and number plate recognition for barrier-free traffic. These types of applications are running in pilots with the parking management solutions provider Peter Park besides with the mobility provider SIXT.

Visit For an overview of the AI video apps available for the S&ST supported cameras, the Application Store is publicly available for browsing at

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