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Integrated Systems

Intelligence feeds

HawkSight Software users now have the option to include intelligence feeds from PGI via an API direct to the HawkSight Software’s security risk management portal.

Powered by Esri’s ArcGIS mapping, HawkSight Software’s mapping dashboard provides access both to projects and their associated risk matrices and risk assessment, mitigation and management tools as well as live incident feed data. PGI’s intelligence feeds details to subscribers geo-political and security incidents and business-continuity threats worldwide. Working with PGI’s API, the software will display the last 48 hours of incident data each time a user logs in while storing older data for recall when required. Incident data can be displayed as a cluster, or heat layer, and may also be charted, with click throughs for the user to interrogate incidents in detail.

HawkSight Software stores historical data for recall and analysis as needed. A layering function allows for selection of one or more categories for analysis.

Its zoom enabled mapping allows for on-screen assessment of the type of incident categories visible and number of reports. You can chart the number of incidents reported and to export results for use in HawkSight Software’s bespoke report builder. HawkSight say their software can underpin analysis and management of security risks from an enterprise to granular level.

Paul Mercer, HawkSight SRM Managing Director said: “HawkSight Software is an enterprise-wide security risk management solution. In addition to providing enterprise risk management oversight for the board, its strength also lies in the powerful management tools it makes available to security risk managers who are actively managing project risks. The daily availability of quality, up to date intelligence displayed on the same platform as operational risk data saves time and enhances informed and timely decision making. It also enables our users to collaborate, sharing learning, insights and best practice.”

Beth Hepworth, Managing Director of PGI added: “We’re delighted to be working with HawkSight SRM as they expand the deployment of HawkSight Software. PGI’s actionable intelligence data is helping to safeguard people, projects and assets globally, so providing that data via API into HawkSight Software powered by Esri makes the platform even more powerful.”


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