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Nedap is among the companies at video management software (VMS) developer Milestone Systems’ Integration Expo event on Tuesday, September 12 in Daventry, as it shows its AEOS end-to-end security product. The free event is to show how integrated solutions are developed, and will bring together installers, developers, integrators and Milestone Alliance Partners including Nedap, Milestone’s New Solution Partner of the Year.

Over the day, Nedap will describe its approach with a ‘best of breed’ partner, Milestone. Delegates can see how the integration between Nedap’s AEOS and Milestone XProtect Access Plug-in allows users to use the features of an access control system inside the Milestone VMS. This allows operators to exchange cardholder information, monitor entrances, manage alarms and perform video verification, all in one integrated system.

Jeroen Harmsen, Director Product Management of NEDAP Security Management, said: “We look forward to showing delegates how innovative access control solutions can drive opportunities for their businesses.”

Nedap says that its AEOS end-to-end solution provides end-to-end security, a key requirement given concerns about connecting devices to the Internet of Things (IoT). An open platform is essential, the firm says, if all the information between IoT-connected devices is to be processed and shared with other systems. While any system that connects to the internet will imply a security risk, Nedap says that its solution effectively manages the risk of cyber-attacks.

By encrypting all communication between a card, the controller and the server, security is ensured at every level of the access control system: from the level of the door to the very core of the AEOS the product developer says. Card readers have no role in decrypting data, for example, so secure communication between card and controller is guaranteed. Digital certificates, meanwhile, are stored in the same Secure Access Module (SAM), ensuring secure communication between controller and server.



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