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Incident management for alerts

New from the incident tracking software firm Vismo is Vismo Incident Management, which allows users to alert travelling staff to incidents that are a threat or potential threat to their well-being. Alerts are sent via the company’s mass notification system, direct from its portal.

The service – – integrates external data incident feeds into the portal. This ensures that users of the Vismo Global Traveller App in any affected area are automatically identified, and then notified via mass notification. Users can respond to notifications through the app, sending their safety status and other information to the portal. Operations teams can use the portal for monitoring and aiding travellers in a crisis, and potential crisis, regardless of where those users are, the developers add.

Colin Dale, Director of Global Sales, Vismo Global Tracking Solutions, says: “A vital contribution to the success of our incident management is the precise location of any user of the app. Location precision is a longstanding hallmark of the app, which uses our own patented technology to maximise location accuracy.

“That, combined with the ability of incident management to alert users, via mass notification, within seconds of an incident occurring, keeps the company and the app users at the global forefront of traveller protection.”

Mass notification

Mass notification is the quickest way for users of the Vismo App, typically NGOs and corporates, to be alerted to occurring incidents, the developers add. To help ensure that mass notification operates optimally, the notifications are sent via multiple channels including SMS, email, in-app and phone call, targeting the individual not just the device.

Dale adds: “Using multi-paths ensures that communications can be maintained even in the event of outages or network contention issues. And because our app operates on smartphones, tablets, personal GPS trackers, satellite trackers or satellite phones, users are assured of true global coverage depending on the device they are using and any rare outage.”



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