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IED disruptor

Chemring Technology Solutions (CTS) and SteelRock Technologies (SRT) have done trials to integrate the RE70 M3 disruptor and the W03 Protector UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). The firms describe it as a solution for IED defeat in difficult to access environments.

The RE70 M3 is a recoilless, modular disruptor deployed either close-to-threat configuration or with stand-off from the target. The recoilless nature is essential for maintaining stability and accuracy during disruptor firings.

The trials by CTS and SteelRock, were to see the stability of the platform in flight, with controlled firings when ground-mounted and airborne. Multiple disruption tests were performed, using both the RE70 M3 disruptor and the remote firing system, Breach MC to provide what the firms called the low latency firing pulse required for rapid initiation when on target.

The companies say that the IED disruptor with the drone provides a IED counter-measure package. By integrating the RE70 M3 disruptor payload options normally associated with ground-based robotics into an aerial platform, the WO3 can undertake a counter-IED role with greater speed and efficiency as well removing the user from danger with no manual input required, it’s claimed. The product can also provide onsite video and data, re-transmitting back to a command point or for real-time intelligence gathering.

Rupert English, CEO and Co-Founder of SRT said: “When developing the WO3’s payload options, SRT needed a technology partner that offers a broad range of proven capabilities in the Counter-IED sector for an effective, fully integrated solution. To this end, SRT has worked closely with the Chemring technical team successfully to integrate the RE70 stand-off disruptor, as well as the Breach MC secure remote firing system.”

The next phase will consist of quantifying the platform’s accuracy, stand off and angles of attack.


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