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Integrated Systems

IDIS, Gallagher integration

IDIS has announced options for integrating video, access control, life safety and building management systems between its end-to-end video technology with Gallagher’s access control solutions.

This off-the-shelf integration from the Korean video manufacturer, gives systems integrators and end-users what they need for complete, future-proofed site control, IDIS says. It enables integration of security management platforms.

The Gallagher Command Centre access control and security management platform can be integrated with IDIS’s DirectIP range of network video recorders (NVRs) and cameras, plus its analogue DirectCX HD-TVI recorders and cameras. This allows customers to mix-and-match IP and analogue systems, including using coax cabling if they need to. Users can choose between the free IDIS Center VMS – for small to medium applications up to 1024 devices – or the fully-featured and enterprise-level IDIS Solution Suite that is both modular and scalable allowing users to manage unlimited devices and unlimited sites without the developers say the associated price tag.

The companies say there is growing demand for enterprise-level integrated solutions that combine video and access, but that offer reduced upfront costs and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) long term. Customers also want system flexibility and adaptability across longer life-cycles. Operationally, the firms add, there are advantages for customers upgrading from siloed solutions. For example, integration of access control with video enables instant verification of events, such as forced doors, with camera views automatically presented to system controllers. Alarms from doors, cameras, and other devices are pulled onto one platform, for operators to respond and reducing the likelihood of incidents being missed.

The operational benefits can increase as more technologies are integrated, from fire and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) to elevator controls, building management and wider corporate systems.

Mitch Parsons, Business Development Manager, Gallagher Security Europe says: “Integration of Gallagher Command Centre with IDIS opens up an easy route for customers who want unparalleled control over every aspect of site security, alongside the AI intelligence advantages that come with IDIS Deep Learning Analytics.”

Smart video capabilities now includes COVID-safe site solutions, security monitoring and review tools, and business intelligence analytics for operational efficiency.

Jamie Barnfield, Senior Sales Director, IDIS Europe says: “Seamless, off-the-shelf interoperability between IDIS and Gallagher offers integrators and end-users everything they need to create complete, future-proofed security management platforms, without compromising on functionality. Systems integrators can now offer customers an affordable, efficient, and off-the-shelf corporate security and safety solution that encompasses enterprise-level video, access control, life safety, visitor management, and building management.”


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