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Hybrid network illuminators

Hybrid network illuminators combine White-Light and Infra-Red (IR) technology into a single IP connected unit and represent the most advanced product of its type in the security market today. Incorporating White-Light and IR together brings new opportunities to end users with increased functionality and the potential to reduce costs. CCTV lighting manufacturer Raytec looks at some of these in greater detail.

2-in-1 Solution

Traditionally, applications using White-light and IR would require two separate illuminators, but with Hybrid combining both technologies, users can fulfil their needs using a single illuminator. But what about performance of each wavelength compared to a dedicated White-Light or IR illuminator? A true hybrid solution should offer the same power and performance as two dedicated illuminators and be thermally engineered to ensure reliability and long life is still achieved. With each wavelength only ever being used independently, the illuminator’s heat sink should still be capable of keeping the LEDs cool, even if they are delivering more power.

Reduced costs

Reducing the number of illuminators on-site means significant cost savings can be made; not just in the capital outlay of the illuminators themselves, but also in reducing associated costs; such as the amount of cable required, the number of power supplies and other infrastructure. Replacing separate IR and White-light illuminators with a single hybrid solution effectively halves the total cost of an installation.


When considering the use of IP and network-controlled variants, hybrid illuminators also provide a quicker, more dynamic security response. A VMS or web interface can be used to control an illuminators power, timing and pattern of light, and with Hybrid the wavelength can also be controlled, allowing a seamless switch between White-light and IR. The wavelength can be adjusted manually in real time or integrated with other security devices to deliver pre-programmed lighting responses for different situations.

IR provides covert surveillance, while White-Light can be triggered on demand to provide a visual deterrent using a flashing output, or to provide additional scene information for colour cameras. In summary, hybrid illuminators improve the quality of a surveillance system by allowing a more dynamic security response (especially with IP enabled variants), while also helping to reduce costs and make the overall system more efficient.

Pictured; the Vario illuminator with ethernet cable from Raytec.


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