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Home and business hub

A new security system from Camect harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver home security and business security systems. This product allows users to configure a monitored CCTV or IP CCTV system, free from false alarms, the product company says.

Arup Mukherjee, CEO of Camect, said: “Camect provides the world’s smartest AI which can eliminate annoying false alarms. You can know when a car turns into your driveway, but not every time one drives down the street. You can know if a human enters your business, but not when a cloud passes by.”

Using AI, the hub forms the brains of a home and business surveillance system, which enables users to configure a set-up using their choice of IP cameras. The cameras are automatically configured to record continuous video which can be viewed live or recorded. AI applies a deep-learning CCTV analytics model which chooses the most significant video events to save and convey to users, with over 30 classifications including people, vehicles and delivery staff. These alerts get better over time as the system is used and the AI updates, the firm says.

Unlike many competitor products, Camect says, its system allows users full control over cloud CCTV storage, for example, on Google Drive. For security, the videos are encrypted and travel from the Camect recorder to the viewing device. The system, all kept on the user’s own hardware, is regularly updated to improve functionality and usability. Access to CCTV cameras is available from laptops and desktops, as well as from mobile phones.



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