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Hikvision, Cortech integration

Hikvision, the video surveillance products manufacturer, reports the integration with Cortech Developments of the Datalog MV software with video cameras. Datalog MV operates with the latest version of Datalog for control of cameras.

Datalog operates as a single or multi user graphical user interface, providing local and remote site monitoring and control of building, fire, security and energy systems. The product allows multiple CCTV brands to run as ‘plug ins’ towards overall system stability and reducing the exposure to downtime.

This integration allows Datalog MV to show operators live or recorded video. When an alarm occurs on Datalog, any number of cameras can be automatically associated as well as other more complex causes and effects. Events can then be replayed on the Datalog screen to show the pre-, post- and live event video for verification. If pan and tilt cameras are in use, these can also be managed and controlled through Datalog.

Jason Blundell, Head of Sales and Marketing for Cortech Developments said: “We are excited to welcome Hikvision into our portfolio of integration partners and we are looking forward to working with them. The partnership between Hikvision and Cortech demonstrates our on-going commitment to offer users flexibility and the widest choice, when selecting an integrated software platform.”

And Justin Hollis, Marketing Director for Hikvision UK and Ireland Ltd, said: “This partnership represents a powerful combination of technologies, reliability, performance, and compatibility. We are proud to have integrated our cameras with Cortech, to enable effective and scalable security operations in a new way.”


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