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Integrated Systems

HikCentral Professional 2.0

HikCentral Professional 2.0 is Hikvision’s newly updated security software. It now supports a broader range of security and business applications in one platform, all managed with an intuitive user interface. HCP 2.0 blends feeds from multiple systems onto a single platform.

The developers say that HCP 2.0 can be configured to link video security devices, alarm and access control systems, and more, including third-party systems through the OpenAPI – for central management of security and business applications.

Frank Zhang, President of Hikvision’s International Product and Solution Center, said, “This is an important release for us, and a significant leap forward in our security management software offerings. HikCentral Professional 2.0 will help our customers manage a variety of activities seamlessly on one platform. We’re excited to see the value it delivers.”

HCP 2.0 integrates multiple business and security systems with nine key applications, for scenarios in buildings, factories, stores, apartments, and the like. Among them, video cameras and security alarms are integrated into the platform to deliver live viewing and alarm notifications. Access control can be included to assign a variety of access permissions using multiple methods including facial recognition, ID cards, fingerprints and QR codes. The software allows various personnel such as HR managers to set attendance rules, including schedules for shift work, while delivering reporting. Site managers can employ vehicle management and visitor management applications to streamline entrance management as well as on-site parking.

As for intelligent analysis and reporting, as an application iat collects data and can turn it into reports and dashboards. This includes flow status, people density and more. For systems management teams, HCP 2.0’s system maintenance application visualises alarm and device notifications, as well as the full network and device topology for action on unusual events. HCP 2.0 lets users deploy digital signage systems to display advertisements and announcements. The software comes with eight pre-installed templates for users to present content. This can be crowd numbers and temperature status in a supermarket scenario, for example.

With HCP 2.0, users can unite applications and build a tailored system, the product developers say; for situational awareness, and to reduce real day-to-day management resources as previously required by disparate systems. For example, users can integrate visitor management with vehicle management for facilities. Facility managers can register visitor information into HCP 2.0, and – by linking to an ANPR system – can set visitors to be automatically permitted into on-site parking. Similarly, the system can also pre-authorise visitor access to specific areas of premises.

The software can be tailored to deliver specific information to assigned users. The system comes with three pre-configured roles: “system installation and management,” “security control and management,” and “attendance management.” HR staff can customise their feed to show employee attendance status, for example; while management staff can monitor security of the facilities. One custom role can be tailored to specific needs.

As for the user interface, users can customise the control panel to suit their viewing preferences, by dragging and dropping key video and device feeds into the dashboard, adjusting where they sit and how they look. HCP 2.0 incorporates multiple visualised dashboards that display key security and business insights generated from various applications. Users can apply 3D E-maps that show device monitoring statuses in different locations, and manage alerts by clicking and watching associated live videos and other integrated system information.

Setup and maintenance

A user with a minimum system requirement of Intel i3-CPU and 8 GB RAM can get up and running with a one-click installation procedure. Operations guidance wizards are conspicuously displayed to support users in configuring key applications. The visualized health monitoring dashboards enable IT maintenance.

HikCentral Workstation is a topic at Hikvision’s April Insight Online events. The HikCentral Workstation session runs on Tuesday, April 13 at 10am BST, and will include a solution update and a demonstration. Visit


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