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Intergrated Security Manufacturing (ISM), the developer of its Genesys integrated security management system (ISMS), a technology that goes beyond PSIM according to the firm, has launched an Enterprise version. Already deployed within the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sector, the new ISMS is described as an enhancement of the existing Genesys2. Genesys is scalable to manage and control multiple sites from a single control room (or even a single workstation) across a country, or even across continents. It features encryption to ensure network security, and is accredited to the highest standards of government national infrastructure security, the makers report.

Steve Smith, Managing Director of ISM, says that the extension of the Genesys range gives customers greater choice: “There have been a number of articles in the security press talking about PSIM companies starting to develop systems that go beyond the current solutions and moving to a federated architecture. With Genesys, however, we are already there. Genesys Enterprise resolves issues associated with the increasing geographical scope of clients, corporations, governments and institutions, while adhering to a multi-tiered hierarchy (or ‘federated’ system), where total control is centralised but allows individual sites to maintain local control.

“The new addition is ideally suited to those large organisations with multiple sites across multiple regions, who might also want to ‘flex’ to accommodate further sites and geographies as their needs evolve. As this comes from the Genesys stable, existing users only have to upgrade from their existing version to Enterprise without the expense of a complete technology refresh.”

The new version allows integration of multiple systems from multiple manufacturers. Every electronic security or fire safety device from CCTV and Intruder Alarms, to Electronic Locking and Public Address can be monitored and controlled from a single platform, regardless of who made them. It includes the existing Migrating 3+ technology, a patented automatic fail-over that adds higher levels of automatic configurable redundancy and power. Control is effectively distributed across multiple workstations.

Steve adds: “We take power to your PC and multiple it by the number of PCs on your network. What this means is that if one PC fails, control is migrated to another PC seamlessly, with no interruption or downtime. Our system is therefore not restricted in its performance by the size or capability of a server, nor does it require the expense of moving to server farms or utilising clustering software. It means we deliver the most extreme redundancy characteristics for the threats you have thought of, and those that you haven’t!

“The Enterprise development within the Existing Genesys is not a development waiting for a trial site, but rather has already been installed within a high-security Critical National Infrastructure project. It is tested and proven at the highest level under the most demanding conditions – and has been very successful.”

Genesys is described by the developers as a ‘true’ ISMS system built around intuitive software that offers 3-D modelling and an event management database. Events and alarms are presented to the operator, as and when they happen.

Steve adds: “Operators can be quickly trained to gain maximum advantage. The system also enables users to make better use of their staff and resources, since you don’t have to have all of your control rooms working 24-hours. Genesys is a truly unique solution offering advanced system architecture, unparalleled ease of use for the operators and very low lifecycle costs.”

The software operates as a standalone platform over LAN or WAN networks for remote and local sites with workstations that can be transferred to an operating security control room on the network. This offers the end user flexibility when closing sites or buildings for off-peak or out of normal working hours, or in the event of any system failures. Visit


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