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Integrated Systems

Dual-path solution

The new GradeShift Pro 2 is available to order now from your chosen ARC (alarm receiving centre), reports the signalling product company CSL.

GradeShift Pro 2 is the evolution of the original GradeShift Pro. As part of the DualCom Pro Range, GradeShift Pro 2 is CSL’s dual-path signalling solution that uses a combination of two radio paths or one radio and one LAN path to signal an alarm. Each SIM operates on an independent network from the other for resilience. GradeShift Pro 2 also works with CSL Live and the My Base App.

CSL adds that it’s worked with installers in the development of the product, to add features. These include:

– Dial Capture onboard as standard.
– 12 channels as standard.
– The same piece of hardware as DigiAir Pro 2.
– Ethernet Socket onboard as standard for LAN connection – no adaptor needed.

Rob Evans, CSL’s Sales Director, said: “We have been thrilled with the success of the GradeShift Pro since its launch in July 2019. So far, over 75,000 dual-path installations have utilised our latest alarm signalling innovation, with great feedback from across the UK and Ireland. We are excited to bring GradeShift Pro 2 to the sector and I am confident Installers will love the latest features we have added to further improve the product.”


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