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Dallmeier at European Police Congress

The German video surveillance product company Dallmeier is to exhibit new police observation capabilities and techniques for automating policing procedures at the 21st European Police Congress, in Berlin, next month. Dallmeier says:

It is impossible to imagine the police carrying out their daily duties without modern video technology. Even so, many solutions pose significant challenges for the police personnel because they cannot be operated without a substantial commitment of human resources. At the European Police Congress on February 19 and 20, Regensburg-based company Dallmeier will demonstrate how video surveillance, observation and analysis can be conducted much more efficiently by combining innovative camera equipment and modern software. Another topic will be solutions for partial automation of policing procedures.

3D Smart Viewing

Completely new opportunities are opened up by combining the Panomera technology with the new concept of “3D Smart Viewing”. In this combination, new Panomera 360 degree systems are combined with other Panomera models according to the area to be covered and enable related incidents to be captured even if they are separated by great distances. Essential tasks such as tracking objects between multiple cameras or activating the most favourably placed camera are assured semi-automatically. This makes it possible to use a minimum number of monitors to observe connected incidents that could not be captured previously. For many scenarios, this technology now enables true video observation with an acceptable number of response personnel. Response teams can be relieved of still more of the burden by combining the technology with AI-based analysis systems, which may serve either to direct attention to significant events or to filter out irrelevant connections before human intervention or evaluation is necessary.

Software support

To support policing procedures, Dallmeier presents solutions for two areas:

The manufacturer offers a modular solution with which response teams can receive real-time information from a central source via their mobile devices. This information may be static or moving images from camera systems, but it can also deliver real-time map information and much more to the deployed staff. The solution enables response teams to be directed on the basis of more accurate information and coordination with control centre. Conceivable scenarios include football matches, for example, allowing personnel to identify suspicious individuals directly in front of the exit tunnel because they have received photos and other information on their mobile end devices in real time.

This system can be combined with the “digital police file” solution. This system has all data pertinent to an incident collected from various sources regardless of location and assigned to a digital incident file. The data from an enormous range of sources and media formats can be collected in this “file” and integrated electronically in later investigation. The system can be configured and adapted for various procedures. Conceivable scenarios are large events, but it may also be used for traffic incidents.


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